4 Traditional South Indian Food That Will Change Your Life Forever

1. Uttapam

Unlike the dosa, which is an Indian crepe, the Uttapam bears a closer resemblance to a pizza or a pancake. The batter, consisting of split black gram and rice, is cooked on a low flame, during which it is topped with onions, coriander leaves and tomatoes. The end result is absolutely heavenly—crispy on one side, soft on the other, the Uttapam makes for an inviting, filling breakfast.


2. Kootu

Though usually eaten with rice, the Kootu, a treat from Tamil Nadu, laden with a lavish quantity of lentils and vegetables, can suffice as a meal in itself. While one might argue that the components are the same as the sambar, the two staples are quite distinguished from each other, with the Kootu being creamier in texture.


3. Avial

Famous both in Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu, the Avial is a crucial element of a South Indian vegetarian meal. Involving the practice of mixing coconut and vegetables, the dish is put together using a tempering of curry leaves in coconut oil. The most common vegetables found in the avial are brinjal, raw bananas, drumsticks, and snake gourd. The avial, overloaded with nutrients and vitamins, is one of the best vegetarian delights ever.


4. Thengai Paal Payasam

Payasam, or kheer, as it is often known, is usually a concoction of rice or vermicelli, cooked in milk sweetened with either sugar or jaggery. The Thengai Paal Payasam is a more self-indulging version of the simple kheer, whipped up using coconut milk and jaggery, the latter giving it a darker hue and a richer taste. This dessert can give you a sweet tooth even if you vehemently deny it.

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